Updated: 26 January 2020

Free Token/Coin Listing Voting System

We have all put our best to making FSC the best exchange of the people, for the traders. We respect the opinion and interests of users and we have decided we will take time to list your favorite tokens/coins on the exchange freely.

Free Token/Coin listing We have released the coin listing and voting system.

This system provides registered FSC members with ability to list as many as possible of their favorite tokens/coins.

How To Add Token/Coin

  1. Simply login to your account and click on the Add Token/Coin on the Voting page.
  2. Supply the token/coin information to the best of your knowledge.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Note: Your submission will be reviewed and approved or otherwise disapproved by our team.

Voting & Listing Eligibility Criteria

  1. Every week we will list one token/coin in FSC Market
  2. Token gets minimum 25000 votes and coin gets minimum 50000 votes and highest voted by users
  3. One user can votes only one token/coin in 24hrs, and paid votes will be unlimited.
  4. Every user gets one free vote everyday and after free vote user can vote by FSC.
  5. One click on 'Vote By FSC' equals 1 votes for 1 FSC


Note that FSC reserves the right not to list a token/coin on the top most if the status of the token/coin/project is not verified by our analyst and also the right to adjust any of the details stated here at any time without notice.